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December 2018

Sounding Board Meeting #9


Oversight Committee Meeting #6

August 2018

Sounding Board Meeting #8

July 2018

Oversight Committee Meeting #5


Sounding Board Meeting #7


Other Materials

April 2018

Oversight Committee Meeting #4


Other materials

March 2018

Sounding Board Meeting #6

February 2017 

Sounding Board Meeting #5 

November 2016

July 2016

The project team revised the corridor alternatives after the March 2016 open house.

March 2016

These alternatives were reviewed at the March 2016 open house; they have been superseded by the refined corridor alternatives above (May 2016).

Sounding Board Meeting #4


Oversight Committee Meeting #3

October 2015 


Other materials

September 2015 

Oversight Committee Meeting #2

August 2015 


Sounding Board Meeting #3

June 2015 

Oversight Committee Meeting #1


Sounding Board Meeting #2


Other materials

May 2015 

Community workshops


Sounding Board Meeting #1

Important Project Documents

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