Residents in our region value safe, accessible transportation for everyone, whether by foot, bike, mobility device, bus, or car. Such a system supports great neighborhoods and helps keep us and our economy healthy.

The City of Eugene and Lane Transit District (LTD) are working with regional partners and the community to add new features to some of our most important streets. (We call these places corridors because several streets may work together as a system to serve transportation needs for people using transit, biking and walking.)

This project, called MovingAhead, is focused on better connecting people to jobs, schools, shopping, recreation, and other activities by considering a range of transportation investments along key corridors to improve safety and livability for everyone. Find out more on the Project Overview page.

Our Work So Far

During the early stages of this project, the community helped identify the five key corridors to be studied in more depth and weighed in on transportation solutions for each. More recently, we worked to develop an Alternatives Analysis, which was released in September 2018, and it identifies the costs and benefits of various transportation investments for each of the corridors.

Over the summer and fall of 2018, we hosted a series of engagement opportunities to share the findings from the Alternatives Analysis with the public. We also gathered valuable input from the community about what types of investments they would prefer along each corridor and the most important reasons for determining each option. We had hundreds of community members participate in these activities and share their thoughts. The feedback from those activities is detailed in the 2018 Outreach Summary.

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

Based on community preferences and the technical analysis, we will be developing a range of proposed investment options bundled into packages, for all the corridors. We plan to share these investment package options with you in early 2019. Public input on these package options will help us develop a preferred package of investments for Eugene City Council and LTD Board of Directors approval in summer 2019.

A community-wide open house will be held in February 2019. Stay tuned for more information!

On behalf of the entire project team: thank you for your continued participation in this project. Your involvement in MovingAhead is important and will help the City and LTD refine and determine a package of transportation investments which will make our main streets safer and more usable for everyone, especially for people walking, biking, using mobility devices, and busing.