Residents in our region value transportation that is safe and accessible for everyone whether on foot, mobility device, bike, a bus, or in a car. A safe, accessible transportation system supports great neighborhoods and helps keep us and our economy healthy.

The City of Eugene and the Lane Transit District (LTD) are working with regional partners and the community to determine what improvements are needed on some of our most important transportation corridors for people using transit, and facilities for people walking and biking. MovingAhead will prioritize transit, walking, and biking projects along these corridors so that they can be funded and built in the near-term.

The project will focus on creating active, vibrant places that serve the community and accommodate future growth. During Phase 1, currently underway, the community will weigh in on preferred transportation solutions for each corridor and help prioritize corridors for implementation. When thinking about these important streets, LTD and the City of Eugene refer to them as corridors because several streets may work as a system to serve transportation needs. Find out more on the Project Overview page.

Input from community members is critical to this process. Community members’ input will be important to all project decisions from prioritizing projects for implementation to choosing corridor concepts that accommodate people who walk, use a mobility device, bike, take the bus, and drive. Please check back often for updates on progress and opportunities to get involved.