Transportation investments

EmX investments often include special lanes for buses, as well as other features like branded buses, station shelters, and real time travel information. EmX operates frequently enough that riders don’t need to consult a schedule to know when the next bus is arriving. Buses may run in an exclusive lane where cars are prohibited, in a curb lane that’s shared with turning vehicles, or in lanes shared with other cars and trucks. EmX investments will include enough places where buses can bypass traffic congestion to create fast, comfortable bus service. New facilities to make walking, cycling and using mobility devices safer and more convenient are often constructed along with new EmX routes.

EmX_ExclusiveGuideway_emx lane-franklin1-median-nontraversable

EmX can include exclusive lanes for buses


EmX can include “business access and transit” lanes, which are bus lanes that can be used by right-turning vehicles

Enhanced Corridor investments include features like “queue jumps,” or special lanes for buses at some intersections. These lanes are for buses only, and buses have their own traffic signal that lets them move through the intersection before cars do. Enhanced Corridors include frequent bus service similar to EmX as well as stop amenities like shelters. Buses generally share lanes with other cars and trucks. New facilities to make walking, cycling and using mobility devices safer and more convenient could be constructed along with Enhanced Corridor investments, or could be constructed separately.


Enhanced Corridors feature more amenities at bus stops, like shelters

EnhancedCorridor_queuejump_emx-mcvay queue jump

“Queue jumps” allow buses to bypass congestion at intersections with their own lanes and traffic lights

Bicycle and pedestrian projects like new sidewalks, paths, bicycle boulevards, bike lanes, and improved pedestrian crossings increase safety and comfort for those walking, cycling, or using mobility devices. Regardless of whether corridors are advanced for further study, the City and LTD will work together to make improvements for those who bike, walk, use mobility devices and take transit in all corridors.

Bike lanes with a painted buffer between traffic increase cyclist comfort

Bike lanes with a painted buffer increase cyclist comfort

Improved crossings could include a flashing beacon to warn drivers of crossing pedestrians


Two-way cycle tracks provide a comfortable experience for cyclists


Shared paths can be used by both cyclists and pedestrians, and are usually separated from traffic

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